Activating an environmentally sustainable future

More people, companies and governments are seeking to invest in sustainable businesses and projects. Moody’s Investors Service (MIS) offers independent credit analysis and accountability to help these investors move forward with critical insight.    

In 2017, we highlighted the material links between sustainability and creditworthiness with even greater transparency. For example, by expanding and enhancing the ways that MIS is taking a more systematic approach to incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into its credit analysis, we’re helping issuers understand the impact that ESG factors can have on their businesses and credit quality. MIS’ analysis is supported by dedicated ESG and Green Bond Assessment teams that produce environmental research and specialized products designed to bring transparency and comparability to the marketplace. The MIS ESG Initiative has grown to include more than 80 analysts in three ESG Working Groups across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

“Our Green Bond Assessment on Nigeria’s maiden sovereign green bond provided guidance to investors on how the country intends to finance and, ultimately, realize its Paris Agreement commitments.”
Rahul Ghosh
Senior Vice President, Moody’s Investors Service

We take this same integrative approach to environmental sustainability in our own operations through paperless business practices and sustainability engagement efforts, renting space in LEED-certified buildings — and even recycling the fry oil in our kitchens. Our Environmental Task Force and CSR Impact Leaders are also pitching in, finding opportunities to drive down our energy consumption and decrease our environmental footprint.

We believe in reducing our adverse impact on the planet. And by helping others to better assess the value of sustainability in financial markets, we can make an even greater positive difference.

19.5 tons
of waste was composted from our New York City headquarters in 2017
were received by former Vice President Al Gore after sharing a Moody’s report on how climate change may affect U.S. state and local bond issuers
$16 billion
worth of value can be attributed to green bonds that Moody’s Investors Service has assessed to date