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Transforming our communities for the better

Children at Riversands Primary School in Diepsloot, a township in northern Johannesburg, don’t always have enough to eat. The South African school provides a lunch — often the only meal students get during the day. They’re left hungry, which makes learning difficult.

In 2017, our employees in South Africa partnered with The Click Foundation to help feed these children so that they can stay focused and be successful at school. The project was part of Moody’s TeamUp®, our annual employee-volunteering effort that unites people across the company in using their energy and skills to fulfill unmet needs in their communities.

But the team in South Africa didn’t want to simply donate food once. They wanted to create a lasting impact on the children’s future. So they planted and tended a vegetable garden at Riversands Primary.

Many of the students had never seen a garden. But as the plants grew, so did the children’s understanding of their value. They could snack on the fresh vegetables to regain energy and focus. The quality of their diet could improve along with their learning. 

Our employees aim to continue supporting the Riversands garden. The next step: educate students and their families about how to grow these nutritious foods and provide the kind of knowledge that can transform lives.