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Harnessing the talent of veterans

Many service members transitioning to civilian life struggle to find jobs. Although veterans bring essential talents — especially to companies in finance, technology and economics — their military skills and experience can be challenging to translate into private-sector expertise.

In 2017, our Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG) chapter in the United Kingdom set out to help more veterans secure employment at companies like ours. Louis Saund and Charles Martin, founding members of the UK VERG, spearheaded a new Moody’s Veteran Insight Programme (MVIP) that offers on-the-job training and networking opportunities to members of the armed forces who are in their last year of duty.

Participants had a chance to demonstrate how their military skills and experience match up to civilian careers. And we had a chance to show them the benefits of working at Moody’s. Sandeep Rajan and Christopher Ashford, two of last year’s participants, have since joined our company on a full-time basis.

“This program has given me a sense of direction,” Sandeep says. “I gained a clearer sense of how to progress down a career path.”