Helping young people reach their potential

Moody’s is helping to fuel the future by reaching the leaders of tomorrow. We share our expertise and provide opportunities across the globe for the bright, diverse young minds of today’s generation to learn and to discover their full potential. Because our passion for making a difference can help ignite their own.

Unlocking career inspiration

In 2018, we continued to create and sponsor a range of programs and events to empower young people from all walks of life to carve out new paths on their journeys. We encouraged our peers to do the same by opening dialogue on the role that entrepreneurship plays in driving social impact and preparing a new generation for the future of work. We invited young people from marginalized groups into our offices to inspire them and let them know that they have a place — and support — in our industry. And we continued to encourage progress in our existing nonprofit partnership programs.

programs funded
average program effectiveness rate
$1.61 M
Program effectiveness rate calculated by dividing outcomes achieved over total reach. This was calculated using Mission Measurement’s Impact Genome Project scorecard to assess programs that received grant funding in 2018.