Helping young people reach their potential

Collaboration across generations

Because we value the talents and energy of our millennial employees, we’re continually seeking ways to better understand what motivates and inspires younger co-workers.

With that goal in mind, we developed a training program in 2017 to help our employees collaborate across generations. After one of the sessions, a millennial participant suggested we do something more: create an employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to multi-generational support. From that idea, GenERGy was born.

GenERGy’s members seek to build a bridge of understanding across generations and create a more inclusive culture at Moody’s. The group held four events in 2017 with nearly 1,300 employees in attendance. Its first event was titled “Disrupting the Workplace: How Generational Diversity Impacts Innovation.” GenERGy has also held panel discussions on topics such as flexible work arrangements — something important to many millennial employees.

“This group is an excellent way to learn about generational differences and similarities,” says Blair Worrall, Senior Vice President of Ratings Delivery & Data and GenERGy’s executive sponsor. “It’s also a great opportunity to network with employees and gain valuable insights.”

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